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Dewagtere Engineering NV
Industrieweg 19
8800 Roeselare

Tel: +32 51/20.50.56
Fax: +32 51/20.10.87

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dewagtere engineering
dewagtere engineering

As a constructor of conveyancing systems, we pride ourselves in our hands-on experience of many years' standing. For the past three generations already, our company has specialised in the construction of transportation and conveyancing systems. Originally, we chiefly focused on designing conveyancing systems for the coal-mining industry. Today, this activity has developed into the design and construction of various installations for a variety of different industries, including the farming industry, the grain, fertiliser and cattle feed industries, the food processing industry, the construction industry, the purification and salvage recovery industry, the bakery sector, the textile industry, the printshop industry, etc...

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* new products:

Bigbag filler with balance

Bigbag Filling Station

trailer with unload belt

Bigbag Filling Station

* We participate at INTERPOM PRIMEURS 2020:

interpom primeurs 2020

* Single or double-design automated big-bag fillers with online weighing system: