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Dewagtere Engineering NV
Industrieweg 19
8800 Roeselare

Tel: +32 51/20.50.56
Fax: +32 51/20.10.87

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dewagtere big-bag filler transportation belt

Potato, Vegetable and Fruit Industry


- Single or double-design automated big-bag fillers optionally with online weighing system (demo video)
- Bigbag fillerstations
- Automatic crate fillers and crate tippers, with accumulating conveyors on demand
- Telescopic hall fillers of 7.5-13 m up to 11-18 m, duo-conveyors,...
- Clod separators, equipped with pre-sorters on demand
- Complete peeling lines in stainless steel equipped with holding baths, sorting table, peeling machine, French fry slicing machines with French fry sorter, electronic scales,...
- Wash drums, sorting and drying tables for potatoes
- Pallet wrapping machines, manual or automated design, with pre-stretch system on demand
- One layer sieve installations
- Mobile Conveyors non-standard, on demand
- Dosing Hoppers

Machines de 2015 a 2019

big-bag vullerdoseerbunker

Machines in 2014

big-bag vullerdoseerbunker

Machines in 2012

big-bag vullerdoseerbunker

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screening machinebigbag filler