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Dewagtere Engineering NV
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We not only design bulkers with incorporated conveyor belt for the transportation
of potatoes but also for the conveyancing of a variety of products such as grains,
fertilisers, soy, linseed, maize, cattle feed, onions, Brussels sprouts, carrots, celeriac,
beetroot, cacao and coffe beans, ....

No empty return shipments, the possibility to optimise your transports by carrying
other products with a density of up to 1,300 kg/m3.

Bulkers with incorporated conveyor belt: insulated or non-insulated design,
executed in steel, zinc-coated steel or aluminium, self-supporting on demand for
sea container trailers, equipped with suspended support cupel or with fan on demand.
Ultra light weight setup of 4.9 tonnes also possible.
We also lease bottom door hoppers.

* New constructed trailers 2019


---------> Click here for belt trailers constructed before 2019