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Dewagtere Engineering NV
Industrieweg 19
8800 Roeselare

Tel: +32 51/20.50.56
Fax: +32 51/20.10.87

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With our high technological CNC-cutter and CNC lathe, we can make all different kind of pieces.

We'll turn parts for you:
- Drums up to 760 mm diameter
- In common materials



We'll cut sheetmetal parts for you:
- Steel up to a thickness of 38 mm
- Aluminum up to a thickness of 25 mm
- Stainless steel up to a thickness of 20 mm
- Tubes up to a diameter of 700 mm
- I and U profiles (see picture)
Dimensions of our worktable are 12 m by 3 m

No challenge is too much for us, even making billboards is no problem.

Don't hesitate to contact us for further information !