Our products for the fruit and vegetable sector

Automatic big-bag fillers in single or double version, optionally with online weighing system.

Big-bagvuller enkelvoudig online weegsysteem Dewagtere Engineering

Big-bag filling stations

Telescopische automatisch uitschuifbare opvoerband transportband Dewagtere Engineering

Automatic box fillers and box tippers, optionally with buffer belt

Automatische kustenvuller kistenkipper met bufferband Dewagtere Engineering

Clod separators, optionally with pre-sorters for seed potatoes

Telescopic hall fillers from 8-13m to 12.5-22m, duo belts ...

Telescopische automatisch uitschuifbare opvoerband hallenvuller transportband Dewagtere Engineering

Dosage bunkers

Doseerbunker Dewagtere Engineering

Other specialities:

  • Wash drums, sorting and drying tables for potatoes

  • Pallet wrapping machines (manual or automated)

    Optionally with pre-stretch system

  • One layer sieve installations

  • Conveyor belts non-standard

  • Mobile Conveyors non-standard, on demand

  • Customised machines in consulting with the customer

Our priority is to help you make the right choice for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice. As you can see, there is a great possibility for customisation.
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