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Onderlosser bandlosser speedy unloader Dewagtere Engineering

*NEW* Speedy unloader

Under the motto "Time is money" one of our customers wanted to unload 35 tons of potatoes in about 7 minutes.

Adaptations to the belt, the exhaust and the tunnel, and a stronger drive power distinguish the Speedy unloader from the standard unloader. The driver no longer needs to disconnect, find another empty belt-trailer and connect it, which used to take 20 to 25 minutes. The driver can also be held responsible for his belt-trailer, which means fewer damage incidents.

Lichtgewicht onderlosser bandlosser Dewagtere Engineering

Lightweight belt-trailer

Design and weight optimization of our belt-trailer including this lightweight belt-trailer is done by our internal engineering team using finite element software in which material stress and deflection calculations are made to guarantee you the lightest belt-trailer without compromising quality or life.

Belt-trailer with fan and/or suspended support cupel

Adapted for onion transport we supply belt-trailers with fan. In addition, a suspended support cupel is often chosen, especially for products such as onions or carrots.

Belt-trailer with automatic tarpaulin

An automatic tarpaulin not only saves time during loading and unloading, it is also safer. It can be operated pneumatically or electrically.

Onderlosser bandlosser met diesel generator Dewagtere Engineering

Belt-trailer with diesel generator

An incorporated generator makes it possible to unload anywhere.

Onderlosser bandlosser met neerklapbare versmallingsgoot Dewagtere Engineering

Belt-trailer with folding chute

Possibility of easy unloading on narrower conveyor belts.

Belt-trailer with several compartments

This trailer has 5 compartments, number of compartments at customer's request.

Onderlosser bandlosser voertuigen remorques trailers op maat voor intern transport Dewagtere Engineering

Customised solutions for internal transport

This remorque contains 2 roller conveyors, on both sides crates can be stacked 2 high and transported efficiently.

Self-supporting belt-trailer for container trailer

Onderlosser bandlosser uittrekbare opvoerband kolen Dewagtere Engineering

Belt-trailer with extendable conveyor belt

At the request of a coal merchant a belt-trailer was constructed with a manually extractable conveyor belt, which can be can be clicked onto a hydraulically extendable turntable and can be raised to the required height by means of a hoisting winch. The construction is powered completely hydraulically with the pump of the tractor. Thanks to this combination, coal (of a large calibre) can now be unloaded in greenhouses or conservatories where it is not possible to tilt with a tipper due to limited height.

Insulated or non-insulated version

Insulated belt-trailer side panels are the standard. However, we also make non-insulated belt-trailers, which are then made entirely of stainless steel, for example.

Our priority is to help you make the right choice for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice. As you can see, there is a great possibility for customisation.

Our rental fleet

We have a rental fleet of standard and lightweight belt-trailers that is constantly expanding.
For more information about prices and available trailers, please contact us on the following number
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